[ Image Cloud Gallery 2011]


.. ordered chaos(英文应该有许多我不清楚的含义)

.."order" and "chaos" 分开有着“宁静”和“精彩”之意,时而还带点“强权”和“乱世”之嫌疑,等等

.. 心中的“ordered chaos” 是那些:如彩绘般的云彩,艺术..

.. 而这里只是我回家后整理思绪留下只言片语的地方



Holiday2011!111125a!111129a!111126b!111114a!111102d!111029b!111027a111029a!111023c!111020a!111018a!111011a2!111012a!111008b!111007a_DSC_0200!110907a2!110928a_DSC_0035!110919b_DSC_0017110914b_TheWitchClouddragonCloud_110914aorderedchaos_110912TravelerMagicalCloud110820Introduce the image cloud gallerysunsetsky110717DragonCloud110731DragonCloud110714SunriseCloud110517orderedchaos @BaLiOrderedChaos @2010TodaySunset100515 ]


— 10/09/2011
— 01/10/2011
— 15/01/2012



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