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.. 这里只是我回家后整理思绪留下只言片语的地方






.. 这些天一直思考着这里的文字,忽然领悟~ 不再纠结



.. 小空间的~ 小人物的~  点点图片

[ No.54 to 1

121126n1_a_DSC_0458_130101a 121118p_DSC_1465_121212a 121027e1_DSC_0241_002100_121108a 121020c0_dsc_0081_m_121101a 121020i_DSC_0163_401400_121031a 121007a1b_DSC_0060_553244_121018a 120826a_DSC_0114_554422_121005a 120902s_DSC02692_120917a 120902s_DSC02741_120902b 120819a1_DSC_0002_810909&EQU_120912a 120715d1_DSC_0910_071421b 120719b_DSC_1083_001400_120721a 120719a5_DSC_1066_NoFIVE120720a 120524b_DSC_0256_075621_120707b 120617a_DSC_0007_075705_120630b 120618a_DSC_0036_120630a 120610c_DSC_0282_120623a 120606c_DSC_0202_120620a 120531b1_DSC_0182_NoONE_120602e 120527a_DSC_0006_120602b 120529a_DSC_0118_631414_120531a 120515c1_DSC_0285_002828_120519d 120514a_DSC_0082_120514a 120507b1_DSC_0507_282828_120512a 120503a_DSC_0192_NoTHR_120510b !120428d5_120506a_DSC_0426_562828 !120428b1_120428c_DSC_0323_565614 !120428d1_120428b_DSC_0390 !120416a_120419a_DSC_0133_562814 120418a2_120421b_Welcome_DSC_0261 120414c2_120414b_Daily 120414c1_120414a_RainCLOUD 120408a_120413a_DoomsDAY 120402a1_120408a_ReturnBACK 120406b_120407a_Enjoy4Everything 120401a1_120405a_MyBeachHOLIDAY 120325c0_120401a_JamJAM 120304d_120325_SHEN 120228b4_120310a_LightHALO 120207b1_120309a_OneHandCoverSKY 120223b2_120308b_CloudLikeAsFIRE 120212a_120308a_the-cat-in-clouds 120223b 120223b2 120201a3 120116a1 120131A 120127a 120122a 120115a 120114c 120112b_Peng 120106A_DSC_0124_Gallery Holiday2011CRUISES


Link table

* The bottom and right picture, I called First Picture

* The No.54 Picture link to: Tag:《 回乡度假 2012
* The No.44 Picture link to: Tag:《 LONDON OLYMPIC 2012 》
* The No.29 Picture link to: 败者寇-胜者王侯
* The No.28 Picture link to: Tag:《Fire in the SKY》
* The No.27 Picture link to: Tag:不经意间
* The No.26 Picture link to: 晨曦时分
* The No.25 Picture link to: 天门微启
* The No.24 Picture link to: 闲散一下午
* The No.23 Picture link to: 乌云滚滚~ 雷电交加
* The No.22 Picture link to: Doomsday (2)
* The No.21 Picture link to: 重回战场
* The No.20 Picture link to: 开心就好,怎么想都行
* The No.19 Picture link to: My Beach HOLIDAY
* The No.18 Picture link to: 果酱了果酱~ 不还是果酱
* The No.17 Picture link to: 天神~ 威风八面
* The No.16 Picture link to: Light HALO
* The No.15 Picture link to: 只手遮天
* The No.14 Picture link to: 夕阳斜照~ 云似火
* The No.13 Picture link to: The Cat in clouds
* The No.12 Picture link to: Soaring
* The No.11 Picture link to: The Dragon

— 16/01/2012
— 08/04/2012
— 06/09/2012
— 31/12/2012

.. Photoname: PhotoDATE_PhotoNAME_(Process)_BlogDATE
— 01/07/2012


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