Beethoven Moonlight Sonata (Piano)



** Beethoven Moonligh Sonata (Piano) — 11/03/2012 First VERSION




.. 发现星期六、星期天比平时更忙

.. 今早出门前,看到女儿穿戴整齐的练习钢琴实在难得,再加上这曲我实在太喜欢了

.. 录制完,在新一轮天窗期放上来吧



Moonlight Sonata

— First Movement

Author: Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770 – 1827) Op.27, No.2

========================《 SHOW MORE 》========================

— Sharon Aaronson

Book: Top 10 Classical Favorites

— 10 of the world’s Most Treasured Masterpieces Arranged for intermediate to Late Intermediate Pianists

— Sharon Aaronson

Record Date: 11/03/2012


— 11/03/2012


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